Save time? Waste cardboard issues gone? Time saved? Stressed eliminated?

Want the chairs delivered built?

We understand that your customer wants to be sitting comfortably on their new chair and not building it! They often buy them because they have a bad back for goodness sake!

 The One Off…

So, when you need just the one chair to go to the CEO’s home office and delivered with care and intelligence, we have a tailored solution. One chair to be built, delivered and set up personally by a trained technician for your user anywhere in the country costs £80. Please liaise with us so we book a window to suit both parties for this bespoke service.

The Big Project…

The other extreme is when you want the project installation streamlined to perfection and the chairs arrive on location; built and ready to place next to the desks. The first chair costs £90 then each chair thereafter costs £12.  We are committed to working with you and delivering optimum efficiency to your project.

And Everything In Between…

Tell us what you ideally want and we’ll do our best to support with a robust service.

Want to know?

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