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Designed for ultimate support and functionality

V46 is a breakthrough in ergonomic seating. Patented lumbar/pelvic support and intuitive controls enable users of any size and shape to easily adjust the seat for superior support and dynamic movement from the moment they sit in the chair.



The V46 boasts one of the most intuitive mechanisms on the market to operate. Three pictorial control buttons on the right-hand side of the seat make it easy to adjust the seat height, seat depth and enable dynamic movement. The chair can also be locked off in many locations to suit the user. This robust mechanism works like a knee tilt mechanism for the first articulation at the underside of the thighs but the second articulation point is under the ‘sitting bones’ (ischial tuberosities) and this feature gives constant support in active mode whilst reducing the pressure on the underside of the user’s thighs. An extendable direct tension control on the right-hand side of the seat controls the resistance of the chair from eight stone to twenty-three and a half.

Our fully patented floating lumbar support automatically moves with you when in dynamic mode and gives superior lumbar support with the benefit of forward rotation in the pelvic area. This can easily be adjusted for each user with a two-button release ratchet system on the back of the chair.

The V46 can be ordered with or without a headrest but cannot be retro fitted. The headrest is shaped to follow the beautiful contours of the V46 chair back and offers a large area of cranial support: so rare to find in the market. Three different arm options are available (3D, enhanced 3D and lockable 4D) and are connected to the frame at the rear of the chair allowing users to get closer to the workstation and can be removed without affecting the design or safety of the chair with unseemly protruding parts.

V46 is a joy to sit on and is great for all anthropometric measurements.

VAT No: 276 3194 81. Co. Reg: 10915853.
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